Mahkra Fishpacking – Fallout 4 Guide


Mahkra Fishpacking – Fallout 4 Guide

Mahkra Fishpacking is a factory Location in the far Northeastern area of The Commonwealth. It is located to the East of the Coastal Cottage, and North of Salem

Fallout4 mahkra fish packing plant aluminium stash

Fallout4 via XSplit

Fallout 4: easy method to kill a few synths at Mahkra Fishpacking.

This a great way to conserve ammo while eliminating a few of the synths guarding the exit to Mahkra Fishpacking in Fallout 4.

This is especially useful if you’re playing on Survival difficulty as each synth takes several clips to drop using a 10mm/.38/.45 cal. Survival – conservation = quick death.

I killed 3 of them, including the legendary you see in the vid, coaxing them down the elevator shaft. One of the synths kept getting stuck in the nearby trailer though, so it wouldn’t fall like its buddies.
Let me know how many you manage to shaft.

Mahkra Fishpacking – Fallout 4

Fallout 4 Walkthrough Part 10 – Raiding Mahkra Fishpacking | PC ULTRA (1080p HD)

Hi! Welcome to my Walkthrough of Fallout 4! I will do the main story line and tons of exploring showing you the best locations where to get great weapons and gear!

I’m using the following mods for Fallout 4:

Longer Power Lines – Made by Puma
Towbie’s Realistic Weapon Sounds – Made by Towbiekun
More Armor Slots – Made by Abbalovesyou
Configurable New Dialog English – Made by shadwar
Easy Hacking – Made by zilav
Enhanced Blood Textures – Made by dDefinder
Improved Map with Visible Roads – Made by mm137
Lowered Weapons – Made by lesma666
ScratchMade – New Combat Shotgun and Rifle textures – Made by Millenia
Commonwealth HQ Landscape Overhaul – Made by Printerkop
Shaikujin’s Better warning for settlements – Made by Shaikujin
Value per Weight indicator – Made by Cybershadow

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