Basics – Super Mario World Guide


Basics – Super Mario World Guide

Super Mario World at youtube: walkthroughs, items, maps, video tips, and strategies

Super Mario World Guide: How to get to the Top Secret Area / Super Secret Area

The latest of BlackWindBlues’ How To’s is a guide on how to get to the Top Secret Area in Super Mario World (aka: Super Secret Area).

Watch me play this game and its hacks on TWITCH: https://twitch.tv/blackwindblues

0:00 Introduction
0:28 Fundamentals/Basics
1:08 Getting to Top Secret Area

Do you have any other ideas for guides? Maybe something encompassing worlds 1 to 9 or a full game 100% walkthrough? Maybe you’d like to see a SNES Longplay – Super Mario World? Maybe you would like to know strategies for getting to all 24 secret exits in Super Mario World. I may also choose to do a Super Mario World review and retrospective. We recently had the 30th anniversary of Super Mario World so this is a great time to get into it. Let me know if you would like a complete walkthrough too.

Super Mario World – Complete 100% Walkthrough (Multiplayer)

This is a full playthrough / walkthrough of Super Mario World for the Super Nintendo! Super Mario World was released in 1990 for the Super Nintendo (SNES). Princess Toadstool is missing again, kidnapped by Bowser! In this video we complete the entire game, including all secret exits (not all in order though) that the game has. And boy, there are a lot of secret exits and keyholes in this game. Yoshi also appears for the first time and can be used to ear enemies. Super Mario World has a Co-Op mode which you can use to alternately play. This way we play as Mario and Luigi. Enjoy this super-long video. Subscribe if you want more, please comment and like the video to let us know what you think of these! 🙂

Timestamps per world:
0:00:00 – Yoshi’s Island
0:12:06 – Donut Plains
0:48:50 – Vanilla Dome
1:26:44 – Twin Bridges
1:45:27 – Forest of Illusion
2:19:15 – Chocolate Island
2:52:03 – Valley of Bowser
3:38:59 – Star World
3:51:40 – Special World

Super Mario World: Secrets, Tips, & Tricks

Let’s discover how to get unlimited 1-UPs and unveil some cool castle secrets in Part 1 of Super Mario World: Secrets, Tips, & Tricks!

It is recommended to watch my other Super Mario World Secret Exits video to learn how to get to some of these levels!


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How to Play Super Mario World Kaizo ROM Hacks

Jaiden Animations recently played Super Ryu World and people have been asking non-stop how to follow in her glorious footsteps. Here’s a quick guide on how to install and play Super Mario World kaizo rom hacks, and some tips and tricks on what you’ll need to know.

0:00 – Intro
0:41 – How to play
3:06 – Training
3:46 – Super Ryu World
5:14 – Kaizo Tips and Tricks

Super Ryu World: https://www.smwcentral.net/?p=section &a=details &id=18268
Learn 2 Kaizo: https://bin.smwcentral.net/u/29600/Learn%2B2%2BKaizo%2Bv1.1.bps

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