For Honor Classes – For Honor Guide


For Honor Classes – For Honor Guide

In For Honor, there are four classes of Heroes for each Faction. These classes specialize in different aspects of battle, despite not being limited to just one

FOR HONOR Warlord Master Class Guide || Fully In Depth

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Basics- 2:40
Combos: 8:00
Parries: 11:06
Full-guard: 14:35
1v1: 17:28
2v2: 30:47
4v4: 39:34

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For Honor Guide: Samurai Kensei Beginner Tips

Learn the basic moves and tactics you need to take the Samurai’s deadly Kensei on the battlefields of For Honor.

For more beginner and advance tips, click here!

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For Honor | The Nobushi Class Guide | Combos

Hello guys, This video is made for our Nobushi guide and contains a lot of cool stuff just make sure you listen it carefully. It also contain video materials of 1 Orochi match against another Orochi and with that we proved why the Orochi needs to be nerfed.

Also, sorry for the Poison thing, that’s because of my WoW’s Rogue and poison just cannot get out of my mind… I say it a couple of times instead of bleed.

I’ve been trying to prove this to all the peeps around the world that the Orochi is a bit too OP with his Zephyr attacks. This video actually speaks for itself.

Orochi is my main and I just easily proved that the Orochi’s Zephyr attack needs to be nerfed. Nothing more to talk about. Unleash your inner detective - play Among Us online now!

Hope you’ll love everything!

Nice hunting we got here, two strikes with 1 bow. 🙂 We hope you’ll love the prove.

For Honor Raider guide 2022

Learn how to play Raider the right way in For Honor 2022 against almost any opponent

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