Rooms – Fallout Shelter Guide


Rooms – Fallout Shelter Guide

Throughout Fallout Shelter the player adds rooms to their Vault. There are several types of rooms, each with their own unique

Fallout Shelter SPECIAL Stats Breakdown

S.P.E.C.I.A.L Stats explained in very easy to understand video. LEave a comment and like if it helped you at all.

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Fallout Shelter: How to get Legendary Babies

Today we look at how to make your own legendary dwellers. This all came up when a subscriber told me you could not pass on stats to babies and I did my research and found out you could. Here are my findings and testing to let you guys know how to do it.

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78 Fallout Shelter Tips and Tricks (No Hacks, Mods or Exploits)

Tips and tricks for the free game Fallout Shelter, the version made by Behaviour Interactive and Bethesda Game Studios.

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0:00 Intro
0:06 There is No Correct Way to Play Fallout Shelter
0:55 You Only Get the Free Pet Once
1:46 Pet Bonuses Do Not Stack
2:42 Mr Handy Can Go Exploring
3:34 Levelling Up Replenishes Your Health
3:56 Rushing Rooms in the Early Game
6:07 Make Friends in the Wasteland
6:55 Use W S A D on PCs And Laptops
7:43 Isolate Your Rooms to Stop Certain Incidents From Spreading
8:52 Leave Your Best Weapons in the Vault After You Reach 50 Dwellers
10:15 Manipulating The Dweller Population Numbers for Objectives
11:26 Play a Little and Come Back Later
12:50 There Are Times When Playing For Longer Periods is Recommended
14:53 You Can Save a Critical Hit For Later
15:42 Play More Than One Vault At A Time
17:20 What Are All The Things That Nuka Cola Bottles Do?
21:41 Use Your Free Objective Swap Every Day
24:07 Dwellers Return to Old Positions After Incidents and Emergencies
24:53 Don’t be Afraid to Scrap a Vault That isn’t Working Out
26:07 Raise Happiness to 100% by Making Dwellers Have Sex
27:35 What to Do When Couples Will Not Breed
28:53 Completing The “Assign Dwellers to the Right Room” Objective
29:23 What Happens if Raiders Attack When Nobody is Home
29:48 Do Not Upgrade Your Door
30:51 Protecting Your Door Is Pointless
33:05 Training The Perfect Dweller
34:55 Does Luck Help You Out In The Fallout Shelter?
35:59 Does Luck Help You Out During Quests and in The Wasteland?
39:00 Max Out On Luck And Another Stat
39:49 The Single Room Mr Handy Money Farming Method
42:25 Are There Fewer Random Attacks When You Are Offline?
43:03 Just Press The Stimpak and RadAway Icons
43:32 Send Dwellers into the Wasteland to Save on Food and Water
44:24 Keeping Dwellers Out of the Way For a While
45:41 Dwellers Come to No Harm When They Are Returning From the Wasteland
46:59 Earning Experience in the Wasteland
48:20 How Long Should I Leave Dwellers in the Wasteland?
49:21 Breeding With Stronger Dwellers Does Not Matter
50:47 Speeding Through the Room Incident Objectives
53:18 What To Leave Running Overnight
54:51 Generators or Reactors May Offer a Trickle of Free Power
55:58 Gather a Resource in Under a Minute Objectives
58:34 Dealing With Pregnant Women
59:13 Windowed View is Easier on Your CPU
59:47 Revived Dwellers Can Still Complete Explore the Wasteland Objectives
1:00:35 How To Find The Mysterious Stranger In Your Vault
1:05:17 Understanding How The Training Rooms Work
1:07:07 Revived Dwellers Lose Their Training Progress
1:08:20 Accept Every Random Wasteland Quest
1:10:12 Control The Direction of Enemy Attacks On Your Vault
1:11:42 Scrapping Weapons is Often Better Than Selling Them
1:12:38 Failing Quests Becomes a Problem
1:15:15 The Easiest Quest in the Game
1:16:03 Dwellers Do Not Level Up in the Radio Room
1:16:59 Mr Handy Does Not Count as a Weapon or a Casualty
1:18:07 Perform a Number of Perfect Critical Hits
1:19:59 Timing the Critical Hits
1:21:51 The Size Of A Training Room Doesn’t Directly Alter Its Effectiveness
1:22:41 How To Make Training Rooms More Efficient
1:23:55 Crafting Legendary Weapons
1:24:49 Put Pregnant Women in Training Rooms
1:25:24 Arranging Your Dwellers For Better Efficiency
1:26:22 Merge Two Rooms Objective
1:27:10 The Craft a Number of Outfits Objective
1:27:52 Survive X Feral Ghoul Attacks With No Casualties
1:28:46 Kill X Radscorpions Without A Weapon
1:29:11 Even Dwellers With Maxed Out Stats Should Be Outfitted
1:31:05 Some Pets are Almost Game Breakers
1:34:31 Evict or Remove People And Their Stuff is Auto-Stored
1:35:11 Give Your Disposable Dwellers a Pet in the Wasteland
1:36:01 Provoking DeathClaws to Complete Objectives
1:36:26 Sell Off Green Junk and Weapons
1:36:57 Scrapping Rare and Legendary Weapons and Outfits
1:37:44 You Can Scrap Outfits To Get Junk for Weapons
1:38:20 The Most Efficient Harvesting Method
1:39:56 Build Medical Rooms For Stockpiling Healing Goods
1:42:31 Protecting Areas That Are Exposed to Dirt
1:43:39 The Nuka-Cola Bottler Does Not Produce Nuka Cola Bottles
1:44:21 Fallout Shelter is a Good Game

If you would like a written transcript of this video, then you can find it here: https://findoutfree.co.uk/fallout-shelter-tips-and-tricks/

Fallout Shelter Tips Tricks Pro Advanced Base Design Layout Strategy Tutorial

Vault design strategy guide and tips for dem dwellers based on my gameplay 🙂 good for beginner to advanced users. Best design I’ve seen so far in my opinion. Enjoy! vvIMPORTANT!!vv

IMPORTANT!! You can train everyone to max stats. Outfits add on top of base stats. So having 13 or 14 for a stat is possible 🙂

I’m going to be making a lot more videos and want your feedback on my production quality, etc, let me know in the comments what you think I could do better!

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