Gameplay Strategies – Age of Mythology Guide


Gameplay Strategies – Age of Mythology Guide

Age of Mythology at youtube: walkthroughs, items, maps, video tips, and strategies

Medium Level Build Order Zeus – Age of Mythology: The Titans

The devastating Athena Rush on full display. This build was popularised by A0M_King back in 2005/6! where he dominated the ‘Nilla’ ladder and basically used this build every single game. Hope you guys have some success with it! Experience the grand spectacle of caine digital circus, where the digital meets the extraordinary. Join the show.

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Age Of Mythology(Basic Strategy Guide)

I am giving you some useful tips and showing you basic features of Age Of Mythology.Also,how to win quickly in easy mode!@

Low/Medium Level Build Orders Isis – Age of Mythology: The Titans

The devastating Isis FH Ancestors Eclipse timing attack on display. A very simple build which if left to its devices will win many games for you.

AoM Fundamentals 1600-1700 Episode 6: Ra

Follow these fundamentals and you will improve at this game very quickly. This is not the be all and end all but with these ideas you will at least be on the right path. Good luck and hope you enjoy the games!

In this episode we are taking a look at Ra.

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